Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Certain Slant of Light by Laura Whitcomb

Publishing House: Graphia
Genre: Supernatural
Rating: R
Summary: In the class of the high school English teacher she has been haunting, Helen feels them: for the first time in 130 years, human eyes are looking at her. They belong to a boy, a boy who has not seemed remarkable until now. And Helen—terrified, but intrigued—is drawn to him. The fact that he is in a body and she is not presents this unlikely couple with their first challenge. But as the lovers struggle to find a way to be together, they begin to discover the secrets of their former lives and of the young people they come to possess.
After benignly haunting a series of people for 130 years, Helen meets a teenage boy who can see her and together they unlock the mysteries of their pasts.


“A Certain Slant of Light” is about a ghost named Helen. She haunts people and try’s to be helpful to them and then one day she is seen. This is weird because in 130 years she has never been seen. When she investigates a little father she finds that the boy who can see her is really another ghost who has taken over a ‘dead’ body.

Now this isn’t the reason that I have given this book an R rating. I gave this book an R rating because the boy, James, and Helen fall in love. James teaches her how to choose a body and how to take it (The people they take are suicidal). But once she has the body the first thing they do is have sex.

The first time they do have sex it is a little bit descriptive, enough so that I skipped the entire section. After that everything is just suggestive.

The other reason I rated this move that way I did is because there is an extensive amount of cussing in certain sections of the book. Mostly this happens when they are at James’s house, which is not a happy place to be.

All in all this book is very interesting and one that the story drew me in. However, this book is very clearly meant for a more adult audience. The choice is now yours. 

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