Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Master’s Match by, Tamela Hancock Murray

Publishing House: Barbour Publishing
Genre: Historical Romance, Christian Fiction
Rating: G
Summary: Nash is beyond Becca’s wildest dreams.

Never in a million years would Becca have imagined herself wed to someone like trading company tycoon Nash Abercrombie. Yet on the very day he hires her to be his scullery maid, he asks her to become his wife.

Nash is running from a very persistent—and unpleasant—woman who is determined to marry him and run his life. Surely marriage to the sweet and humble Becca would be better than that of the harridan Hazel!

Can true love ever blossom from a union like this?

I picked this book up at a writer’s conference years ago and read the entire book in less than a day (and not just because it is a short book). To date this is still one of my favorite books.

The story is about Becca, a poor girl who lives with her mother, father, and many siblings. When she was young and selling matches on the street she met a boy around her age who took pity on her and bought all her matches so she could go home.

Years Later she is out looking for a job as a nanny and stumbles upon the house of the boy that bought all her matches and gets a job there as a scullery maid. Nash (The boy who bought her matches) has a girl who thinks that they are engaged but Nash wants nothing to do with her. So he asks Becca, who he recognizes, to pretend to be engaged to get the girl off his back.

Because this book is a Christian book it is very clean and there is nothing in it that would be bad.

Like I said this is my all time favorite book. 

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  1. Good memories, Adrian! We did have fun, did'nt we?