Monday, August 15, 2011

Toys by James Patterson

Publishing House: Little Brown
Genre: Thriller
Rating: R
Summary: Hays Baker and his wife Lizbeth possess super-human strength, extraordinary intelligence, stunning looks, a sex life to die for, and two beautiful children. Of course they do—they're Elites, endowed at birth with the very best that the world can offer. The only problem in their perfect world: humans and their toys!

The one with the most toys—dies

The top operative for the Agency of Change, Hays has just won the fiercest battle of his career. He has been praised by the President, and is a national hero. But before he can savor his triumph, he receives an unbelievable shock that overturns everything he thought was true. Suddenly Hays is on the other side of the gun, forced to leave his perfect family and fight for his life.

Now a hunted fugitive, Hays is thrown into a life he never dreamed possible—fighting to save humans everywhere from extinction. He enlists all of his training to uncover the truth that will save millions of lives—maybe even his own. James Patterson's Toys is a thriller on a hyper plane—with a hero who rivals both James Bond and Jason Bourne.

This book in itself is a really good book but it is rated R for a reason. Those reasons are as follows.

Murder, strong language, and sex.

At the very beginning there is a party that Hays and Lizabeth go to where there are toys set up for people to look at and test. Two dolls are picture in bed together. As well as close to the end of the book Hays and Lizabeth have a very intimate moment.

There are several murders and explosions. The murders and dead bodies are described in a detail.

In terms of language they use about every word there is to use.

I rated this story are for those reasons but the story is really good. Like all James Patterson books. However this book is clearly meant for an older audience.

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